Meeting minutes for April 6, 2016

The April 6th 2016 meeting of Friends of Mirror Lake Library was called to order by President Linda Sagese. A quorum was present.

February 3rd minutes were read and approved.

Treasury report was read and changes reported.

Sandy Allen read letter from Wayne Finley. Linda Sagese suggested that we express appreciation for Wayne’s tireless work.

Members were introduced:
Otto Dicepius
Matt Jackson
Sophie Cole
Courtney Walker

We had a surprise visit by Dwight Lane representative from district 68. He discussed the solar energy amendment that will be on the ballot in 2008.

We dicussed ways to recruit members. Sandy Allen will send membership list out. Our facebook page was discussed by Mauren Mcdole.

Sophie Cole discused new ways to get young people to Mirror Lake. Several ideas were passed around, Kawah coffee truck, Get “First Night” involved, other business pairings.

Sandy Allen is partnering with outreach to help with the homeless near Mirror Lake.

We agreed to meet in June 6 pm. Every board member will help with book sale in June.

Meeting was adjourned at 7pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Wickie Lofgren
Secretary, FoMLL



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Annual Book Sale – Saturday June 18, 2016

Mirror Lake Library
280 5th Street North, 3rd floor
St. Petersburg, Florida
Saturday, June 18, 2016
9 am – 5 pm
cash and checks only, please

It’s the Annual Mirror Lake Library Book Sale, sponsored by Friends of Mirror Lake Library and Keep St. Pete Lit.

To clear out some space on your shelves, please donate any books, CDs, or DVDs to the library between now and Friday, June 17.

Then come to the sale on the 3rd floor of the Mirror Lake Library on Saturday, June 18 and replenish those empty spaces!

We need a few volunteer cashiers during the day. If you can help, sign up at Our annual Mirror Lake Library Book Sale, sponsored by Friends of Mirror Lake Library and Keep St. Pete Lit, is Saturday, June 18, from 9 am to 5 pm, on the third floor (community room) of the Mirror Lake Community Library at 280 5th Street North, downtown St. Petersburg.

To clear out some space on your shelves, please donate any books, CDs, or DVDs to the library between now and Friday, June 17.  Then come to the sale on the 3rd floor of the Mirror Lake Library on and replenish those empty spaces!

We need a few more volunteers for the day of the sale.  If you can help, sign up at



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Books by Nathan Van Coops

Join us for An Evening With…Nathan Van Coops, presented by Friends of Mirror Lake Library and Keep St. Pete Lit, on Monday, April 11, at 5:30 p.m.

Here are Nathan’s two books, available on Amazon:

in times.jpg

They have a dangerous past. They just haven’t lived it yet.

“We broke something. How do you break time? Can something so bad happen that you fracture the world?”

Benjamin Travers has been electrocuted. What’s worse, he and his friends have woken up in the past. As the friends search for a way home, they realize they’re not alone. There are other time travelers, and some of them are turning up dead.
When Ben meets an enigmatic scientist and his charming, time-traveling daughter, salvation seems at hand, but escaping the dangers of the past may lead to a deadly future.
If he hopes to save his friends, Ben must learn to master space and time, and survive a journey where past and future violently collide.

Action and romance heat up in this first book of the time travel adventure series.


Run from the past. Run from the future. Run for your lives.

He’s a novice time traveler in a big universe.

Ben just wants time with the scientist’s daughter who got him into this, but when he’s rooked into competing in a chronothon–an Amazing Race through time–getting the girl means he’ll need to make the finish line. When he finds out this competition is more than just a sprint through history, winning takes a back seat to surviving. To save the people he loves, he’ll have to conquer the real dangers hidden in the shadows of the chronothon.

The world of time travelers expands in this next installment of the In Times Like These time travel series. Fans of book one will find more to love, but new readers can jump right in and enjoy this stand-alone time travel novel. Expect action, adventure, and romance on this journey through past and future. Fresh dangers will arise for Ben and company in a quest for the finish line, where failure to keep up will cost more than just a shot at glory—it could mean the end for them all.



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An Evening With…Nathan Van Coops – April 11, 2016

The Friends of the Mirror Lake Library and Keep St. Pete Lit present:  An Evening With…Nathan Van Coops.  April 11, 2016, 5:30 pm, second floor of Mirror Lake Library, 280 5th Street North, St. Petersburg.

Nathan is a science fiction writer from St. Petersburg, Florida.  Nathan has spent nearly 20 years in the field of aviation as a pilot, flight instructor, and aircraft mechanic examiner for the FAA.  His love of aviation has heavily influenced his writing.  He is the author of a time travel adventure series called “In Times Like These” that currently features two highly reviewed novels with a third to be released this summer.  Nathan also teaches writing and publishing classes with Keep St. Pete Lit.

The eBook of his first novel, “In Times Like These” has been downloaded over 100,000 times this year.  Nathan moderates a time travel book club on Goodreads, and especially enjoys helping other indie authors achieve success with their work.  You can learn more about him at or about his books at

Nathan will be discussing his work and will have books for sale at the reading.


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Minutes of Annual Meeting – February 3, 2016

The February 3rd, 2016 meeting of Friends of Mirror Lake Library (FoMLL) was called to order at 6 PM by President Wayne Finley. A quorum was present.

The old business discussed, was our very successful Bicentennial Year (2015) events. It was agreed that this year we would only have 4 board meetings and 3-4 Author events.

New business was the nomination and election of officers. Linda Sagese was elected President, succeeding Wayne Finley. Maureen McDole was elected Vice President. Monika Finley was re-elected as Treasurer. Wickie Lofgren was elected Secretary. Diane Drutowski was elected Communications Chair, Wayne Finley Special Projects Chair and Maureen McDole will be Author Events Chair.

Other new business discussed, was the Book Sale. It was agreed by the members that we would only consider holding the event if the library staff would set up and brake down the books. Librarian Sandy Allen stated that her staff could do that; especially since it is our leading fundraiser.

It was decided by the Board, that the next Author Event will be on Monday, April 11th, starting at 5:30 PM. Maureen McDole will select the Author. Monika said she would do the refreshments. The next events will be September 12th and November 14th.

All those attending the meeting thanked Wayne for his unbelievable contributions to the FoMLL.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Sagese

Acting Secretary, FoMLL

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Annual Meeting – February 3, 2016

News from our annual meeting on February 3, 2016.

Linda Sagese – President
Maureen McDole – Vice President
Monika Finley – Treasurer
Wickie Lofgren – Secretary

Other board members:
Wayne Finley – Special Projects
Diane Drutowski – Communications

We offer most heartfelt thanks to Wayne Finley for founding the Friends and for his many years as President and driving force of the organization. He has stepped down as president and is now in charge of special projects, which will be a great fit for his creativity and energy.

The Friends are switching from monthly to quarterly meetings in 2016. The meetings will continue to be held on Wednesdays from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the library. This year’s dates are April 6, September 7, and November 9. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings. We are always looking for people to join the board or just help us plan and carry out our activities.

Our author events continue this year on Mondays starting at 5:30 p.m. The dates are April 11, September 12, and November 14. Author names and other details will be announced.

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Centennial Panelists

Join us at the Mirror Lake Library for the Centennial Panel on Saturday, December 5, at 2:00 p.m.  The five panelists are Mr. Jon Wilson, Ms. Jeannette Wenzel, Ms. Susan Churuti, Ms. Carol Lee Wathen and Ms. Peggy Harris.
Jon Wilson has lived in St. Petersburg since 1956, when his family and he relocated here. He has lived an extremely rich full life, which ultimately led him into journalism and reporting, and he was a reporter and then editor for the St. Petersburg Times. He has kept a keen eye towards events and life in midtown St. Petersburg, and has written several books on the history of this area rich in history of the black experience of the times. He is excited to be on the panel, and has many ruminerations of going to the library throughout his childhood.
Jeannette Wenzel has lived here since she was born, sometime in the early 1930s. She grew up in the home of Pierce V. Gahan, the city’s first, and long-time, recreation director, who is also known as the father of modern shuffleboard. In 1925 Mr. Gahan wrote the rules of play for modern day shuffleboard, and under his guidance St. Petersburg became the shuffleboard capital of America. In her own right to fame, Jeannette is the youngest photographer hired by the Times, becoming a photographer in 1957 at the age of 26. She remembers coming to the library before she could even read, and has a picture to prove it.
Susan Churuti has lived here since she was born, sometime in the early 1940s, during the time when St. Petersburg was home to hundreds of thousands of soldiers training for battle during World War Two. Her father was a local doctor who began buying up properties located along Beach Drive until the properties he amassed were developed into the modern downtown St. Petersburg we all know and recognize. In her own right, Susan has been a very active member of the community, and was one of the longest holders of the office of Pinellas County Attorney.
Peggy Harris has lived here since birth, sometime in the 1930s. Peggy and her sister Sharon (who is a Friend) were regularly brought to the library by their mother, who believed literacy was part of living a full life. Peggy grew up in the family whose father was a long time editor of the St. Petersburg Times.
Carol Lee Wathen has lived here since birth, sometime in the 1920s. She was a very active member of her class at St. Petersburg High School, serving as class Senate President, and voted Miss Knows Everyone. She seems to know everyone who was someone back in the day.

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