Meeting Minutes for February 1, 2012

The February Friends of Mirror Lake Library (FMLL) meeting was called to order by Vice President Wendy Bennett at 6:05 pm.  The minutes of the January meeting were read, accepted and approved. 

Wendy gave the treasurers report for Linda Ramirez, who was unable to attend.  The report showed $545.00  in the treasury.  No figure was debited for postage for the postcards announcing our annual election of officers meeting.

President Wayne Finley arrived and took over chairing the meeting.  The upcoming event on March 7th, featuring Terry Tomalin was discussed.  It was decided by the people attending the meeting that refreshments be served in the Friends of Library room prior to the speaker starting his program.  We will have membership forms there to encourage new membership.  A raffle will be held at the end and only new members are eligible.

In further discussion of the treasurer’s report, Sandy Allen informed us of a lifetime membership donation of $250.00.

The nominating committee named this year’s officers:

Wayne Finley     President

Wendy Bennett Vice President

Jaime Abbess    Treasurer

Linda Sagese        Secretary

The nominations were seconded and approved.

 Laurel Gustafson and Sandy Allen asked that they be notified of all advertisements and public notices that the FMLL send out.

Response to postcards and letters to members was discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:06 pm.

 Submitted by Linda Sagese.




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