Meeting Minutes for April 4, 2012

The members of the FRIENDS OF MIRROR LAKE LIBRARY met at 6 pm on 04/04/12, in the meeting room of the Mirror Lake Library. The members present approved the minutes of the previous meeting that had been posted on our web site.

The Treasurers’ report stated we had two accounts: the city’s account which holds $835 and the FMLL bank account which holds $748.75. The numbers should be reconciled by our May meeting. The March event brought in $109 from book sales. Jaime – FMLL Treasurer – asked that all receipts be turned in to her, now that we have sufficient funds to reimburse for expenses paid “out of pocket” by board members. We now have a business account with Grow Financial (no fees): therefore, we will be requesting the city to close out their account for us, if possible.

President, Wayne Finley gave his report. He thanked Jaime for helping out at the Saturday Morning Market on March 3rd at the charity booth there (no expense). He stated we have 31 members, including 3 lifetime members.

Vice President, Wendy Bennett reported that the Terry Tomalin event that had over 50 people in attendance. Jaime assisted with sale of his books. Setting up the refreshments in the community room for this event worked very well. We all thanked Wendy for running the event at the last minute, as both the president and secretary were unable to attend, due to illness.

New business:
We will be resending FMLL postcards to new neighborhoods, contacting the NORTHEAST JOURNAL and NORTHEAST NEWSLETTER to request that they do articles about the library and our Friends’ group and to request their advertising rates.

A possible book sale in the Community Room, Saturday, June 2nd.

It was decided that the mail for the Friends will be set up in secure area of the library by Sandy Allen.
It was the consensus of the group that we would meet through the summer and rotate providing refreshments at our meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:06 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Sagese , secretary


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