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We look forward to your company at the Annual Gathering of the Friends, our annual membership general meeting where we all “Reconnect and Reacquaint” with each other and our beloved library.

At the annual meeting the membership gets a brief synopsis of the Friend’s activities over the last year, elections are held, annual priorities and goals are discussed and planned, and a great deal of fellowship is had with like minded folks interested in actively assisting and supporting the library, 

The Friends board treasurer Jaime Abbess is stepping down and another member has been selected by the Nominating Committee and is on the slate. All of the other board officers have expressed their interest and strong desire to continue serving in their respective roles and will be on the slate.  Please come and give your opinion of the slate through an up or down vote.  We also want to hear from any or all of you on 2013 group priorities and goals, as wll as working to find members who wish to serve on the work groups that provide our services and activities.

Its our most important day to see each other’s faces and put them together with the names we see flying about. As we head into 2015 it is our goal and focus to help remind the community to “Reconnect and Reacquaint” with each other and the library.

Please consider starting now!

Lastly, although we are all slightly saddened by the departure of our beloved treasurer, “always there volunteer,” as well as taking on leadership roles in numerous events, we want to thank Jaime for her awesome volunteer work and the many hours she gave us taking part in the planning and execution of our numerous events and actitivites.  We hope we keep seeing her in the audience at those events. Best wishes Jaime!

Join us on the 3rd floor in the library’s Community Room, Monday Feb 11th, starting at 5:45pm sharp and ending at 7pm.

Warm regards,

Wayne Finley, President

Mirror Lake Library is located at 280 5th Street N,, on the western edge of downtown St. Petersburg.


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