Meeting minutes for November 5, 2014

The November 5, 2014 Friends of Mirror Lake Library (FOMLL) meeting was called to order by President Wayne Finley at 6:02 PM. There were 7 board members and guests present, exceeding our 3 person requirement for a quorum.

The minutes of our October 1, 2014 meeting were read and accepted. The treasurer’s report was read by Monika Finley. A cash balance of $1341.08 as of November 1, 20114. Projected expenditures for upcoming events, estimated that we should have approximately $951.08 at the end of November. The report was approved by a voice vote.

Under old business Atty Susan Churuti presented information about duties, responsibilities, and expenses concerning our now official 501 (c)(3)application. Ms. Churuti provided 2 copies of the federal regulations governing 501(c)(3)s. The president has a copy and the treasurer has a copy. Wayne informed the board that the Friends had missed filing its annual report by May 1 with the Florida Division of Corporations and thus the state was going to dissolve the organization. The report was filed and the Friends is in good standing.

New business discussed our author event on November 12th featuring Velva Lee Heraty and our activities on First Night. The punch-out of the library for children and the coffee table book about the library are going to be our activities. It was decided we should concentrate our events early (5:30 pm at the latest) as the procession begins at 7:00 with the children’s fireworks display around 8 pm on Beach Drive.

Future possible speakers was discussed for our 2015 centennial year’s events.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:58 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Sagese
Acting secretary, FOMLL


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