Library Model Instructions

The Friends’ First Night activity was creating a cardboard model of the library.  If you came by the library on New Year’s Eve, and took the sheet but did not make the model with us, here are some detailed instructions.

This is the sheet you start with.

oneCut it into two pieces, the building…
two…and the roof.

threeIf you want to write a resolution or message inside the building, go ahead.  Then fold up the building.

fourfiveGlue the sides to the tabs.  Leave one end open, fold the roof, and attach the roof to the top four tabs.

Close up the end and you’re done.

The black-and-white side represents the original building in 1915.

finish 2

The colored side represents the modern day building.

finish 1The bottom of the model has a short history of the library.

finish 3The model was designed by Friends of Mirror Lake Library President Wayne Finley.  First Night volunteers included Wayne, Linda Sagese, Linda Earle, Monika Finley, Barbara Riddle-Dvorak, and Diane Drutowski.


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