Meeting minutes for December 3, 2014

The December 3, 2014 meeting was called to order by President Finley at 6:05 PM. A quorum was present. Linda Sagese read the secretary’s report; it was amended to include details of Ms. Churuti’s report concerning our 501(c) (3)application, approval and requirements and accepted.

The treasurer’s report will be presented at our next meeting.

Old business discussed was forming a nominating committee consisting of 3 members to nominate next years’ officers. It was decided that Diane would put on our website a request that people interested in serving on the board contact us.

First Night plans were finalized. It was decided that Monika, Barbara and Linda would arrive at the library around 4:30 PM to set up our program. Diane and Wayne would arrive after work. Doors would open at 6 PM. We agreed to change the library replica from a “punch out” to a “cutout” due the extreme price difference. The coffee table book should be ready for sale and to take orders.

Upcoming speakers are Prof. Les Standiford on January 21, 2015. James Schnur and Jeff Klinkenberg will, hopefully, be confirmed as the speakers to follow in the coming months.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:48 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Sagese, (acting) Secretary, Friends of Mirror Lake Library


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