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Act now to prevent reduction in library funding!

Community libraries are one of the most valuable assets for bringing people together in ways that allow for personal and professional development, improve our quality of life via cultural engagement, and are recognized as a good use of tax revenue.  See “The Social Role of the Library,” American Library Association,

The executive board of the Friends of Mirror Lake Community Library encourage you to join us as a library supporter in urging Florida’s legislative leadership and our local delegates to increase State Aid to libraries, but at a minimum simply maintain State Aid for Public Libraries at the current FY14 level of $27.4 million. Currently, in the state budget both the Fl House and Senate have reduced State Aid by nearly 19%, or $5.1 million. This is leading to an almost complete shutdown in new construction of community libraries across the state, as well as offering Florida’s communities little opportunity to do anything but keep current structures maintained, while our state population continues to grow.

On the final eve of the last day of National Library Week, please consider sending a message advocating on behalf of all libraries, including our own little Mirror Lake Library, by visiting the following site:

Wayne Finley
Friends of Mirror Lake Library


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Request for Pioneer Panelists

In honor of our Centennial Year, the Friends are planning a Pioneer Discussion Panel. We’d like to invite people who used the Mirror Lake Library in days long ago and would be willing to share their experiences with a friendly audience. If you are interested, or know someone else who would make a good panelist, please contact us at

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Plein Air Paintings of Mirror Lake Library Available

Celebrate the library’s Centennial Year by claiming a charming piece of St. Petersburg history–a beautiful painting of the Mirror Lake Community Library. You will support the Friends of Mirror Lake Library through your purchase.

FOMLL Agenda   FOMLL Agenda   FOMLL Agenda   FOMLL Agenda

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Meeting minutes for February 4, 2015

Annual Membership Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Wayne Finley at 6 pm.

Present: President Wayne Finley, Treasurer Monika Finley, Board Member, Librarian Sandy Allen, Board Member Barbara Riddle-Dvorak, and Friends members Rebecca Falkenberry and Bill Stokes.

The minutes of the January 7, 2015 Board Meeting were read and approved. The Treasurer’s Report was read and approved.

The Nominating Committee presented the slate of officers for 2015:
Wayne Finley, President; Linda Sagese, Vice-President; Monika Finley, Treasurer;  (Open) Secretary.  Barbara Riddle-Dvorak moved that the slate be approved and the motion was seconded.

We all agreed that the Les Standford event was a big success (good attendance and great cookies) and a check will be mailed to him for sold books ( a bit over $200).  He expressed his enjoyment of the event. Barbara will forward his mailing address to Wayne and also try to book Jeff Klinkenberg for April or May. In the meantime Wayne and Sandy will handle publicity for our March 9 event featuring James Schnur. (In collaboration with the SunLit Festival.) Diane will also promote this on our Facebook page.

Wayne announced there will be a “Pioneer Panel” in the fall in coordination with the main library. (People discussing childhood visits to Mirror Lake Library.) Recruit anyone you know!

There will also be another First Night.

We will have our Book Sale on June 6.

We currently have 88 members- close to our Centennial goal of “100 in a 100”.  However, our monthly meetings are sparsely attended. We discussed perhaps holding these meetings quarterly and doing other important business by email.

We also need to recruit a Recording Secretary.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Riddle-Dvorak, director

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Meeting minutes for January 7, 2015

The FRIENDS OF MIRROR LAKE LIBRARY January 7, 2015, meeting was called to order by board member Diane Drutowski at 6:20 p.m.

In attendance were Treasurer Monika Finley, board member Diane Drutowski, Friends member Sydni Shollenberger, and librarian Sandy Allen.

The minutes of the December 3, 2014 meeting were read. One correction was made: the spelling of speaker Les Standiford. The minutes were approved as corrected.

We reviewed the list of authors for 2015. Sydni sent Barbara Riddle-Dvorak a list of suggested potential authors for 2016. We reviewed the library’s list of Centennial activities.

Our next event is “An Evening with Les Standiford” on Wednesday, January 21. Since there were not enough people in attendance to plan the event, we will ask President Wayne Finley to make arrangements by email.

We discussed changing the monthly meeting date so more people can attend. Possibilities are Monday nights and Saturdays. Another option is having a Vice-president whose job would be to run the monthly meetings if the President can’t attend. (Currently our Vice-president Linda Sagese is acting Secretary, and can’t do both.)

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Submitted by
Diane Drutowski

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