An Evening With Jonathan Kile

Jon Kile spoke about his life, his writing process, and his book THE GRANDFATHER CLOCK.  He also opened our eyes regarding the business of self-publishing.  Formerly known as vanity publishing, it is now known as indie publishing, is immeasurably easier today than in the past, and has lost most of its stigma.  The internet is a resource for publishing information, writing support groups, cover design contests, and countless other resources.  No longer does a writer have to order and then try to sell a garage full of boxes of books;  nowadays, the books are printed on demand and delivered in a few days.  Amazon’s financial arrangements have made publishing both paper and electronic potentially profitable for even modestly successful writers, especially those who can write in quantity.

Two huge success stories for indie publishing were 50 SHADES OF GRAY and its sequels by E.L. James and The MARTIAN by Andy Weir.  Both books were made into mainstream Hollywood movies.  If they can do it, so can Jon Kile, and so can you.

Read a lot more on these subjects at Jon’s blog:

Here are some photos of Jon’s talk at our beautiful Mirror Lake library.  He does look a little like Ben Affleck, doesn’t he?




Friends President Wayne Finley presents a mug with the event poster art to Joanthan Kile


from St. Petersburg to Patagonia


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